Summertime Memories

In the first week of August of this year, I went to Boston for a conference.  I stayed in a dorm room to save money.  Some people think that university professors make lots of money.  It's not true.  We spend our summers staying in dorm rooms at other universities.  Not quite like flashing the corporate card and zipping up the elevators to accrue more hilton points.

But I must say that this trip to Boston was full of unexpected pleasures.  My dorm room overlooked Boston Commons  (this is the view).  I had long delightful runs.  I ran into my sister and her family (almost accidentally) as they were also visiting Boston.  I had a long lunch with a friend of many years who I rarely get to see.  I saw lots and lots of movies, a few good ones, but all earnestly made.  I made new friends and laughed.  I had great times with other new friends.

I have a stronghappyplace inside of me for Boston.

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