Drunken Moment

Lynn and Jaelyn had something they had to do....so Addison and I went to the skatepark so he could skateboard.  It was an interesting thing because on the one hand, I am the dad who is too old / dadish and uncool to come out on the skatepark pavement and stand around, but on the other hand, I definitely am still the dad who should watch Addison *every* minute just in case something cool comes together on a ramp and so when he skates over and says:  Did you see that?! I can say: It was awesome.

I don't know if that experience of watching something so closely tuned me into the world in a particular way?  Or if feeling like my gaze mattered in a way that it rarely has to anyone just kind of ramped up my sense of presence?

But suddenly, I had one of those drunk-on-beauty moments.  Only instead of looking at vast natural beauty?  I was looking at a low-slung sky over a suburban park through a chain metal fence and across a plasti-vinyl dashboard.  And the world was so beautiful that I tried to do it justice by capturing it with my cell phone.

Of course the picture never really does the moment justice, but sharing the picture with the moment seems like a good idea.  This is me: loving the world: out loud: as a kind of secret love note between me and you.

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