Dangerous Memes.

So one of my friends-on-facebook posted this meme.  I get how funny it is to re-purpose this image of Obama being nice to a kid and turn him into an iconic emblem for the paternalistic mega-state.  I'm a big fan of such creativity, even if it lampoons my own position, but I can't even describe to you how enraged I was by the implications of how it was fleshed out.


"Some of the other kids that have been napping all day."

Really?  The underprivileged and under-resourced of our society have been "napping all day?"  While what?  You, the busy-good-work-ethic folks have been earning privilege that wasn't inherited at all?  Were building your own fortunes?

My friend ended up moderating her own point of view significantly in a comment thread below the picture, but not enough to take the sting out of this stigmatization in this meme.

The reality is that the government in the United States is NOT an entity that is outside of us and apart from us.  We the People *are* the government.  And the truth is that we are DIVIDED about how many resources the government should provide for the common good.  It isn't helpful to portray the poor as lazy and it reveals an unfortunate view held by those who "share" in this meme of themselves and the "others."

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