In a crepe shop in Cambridge, MA. So nicely framed (it's affixed to the actual trash-trap-door) and so neatly centered.  An appropriate font and oh so polite.


Ang said...

Did you say....crepe shop? mmmmm.... I think a trip to visit my MA relatives is in order soon.

Redbaerd said...

It is a delicious little crepe cafe. it's not pretentious so you can bring the whole family. i chose (and loved) a delicious fennel, mozzerella, tomato (and something else great...???) crepe - but while I was eating it and looking at everyone else's delicious choices around me, I decided I should probably be a regular.

alyssa said...

There's this really awesome thing about Temple's campus: an abundance of food trucks. And the awesomest of all the awesomeness is the Temple Creperie (or, as it more commonly referred to as, The Crepe Truck). Seriously. It's awesome. There's a meme and everything (http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/424475_10150553953805812_710030811_9639830_2105424180_n.jpg)!

And it's conveniently parked right outside School of Communications and Theater. And they jam out to classic rock everyday. So while I wait for my Alexander the Crepe special, I can sing along with all kinds of 90s grunge music and get my jive on.

(I don't really know what "get my jive on" means. I'm just excited about crepes.)