A Dogs Life

My friend Colin, who has had as many unfortunate run-ins with poodles as I have was giving me inappropriate advice on how to dogsit Teddy so in this picture I was comforting Teddy against the truly terrible ideas that bad dogsitters have.  Teddy doesn't like me because I'm a man.  Except if I'm petting him or eating something that he hopes I'll give him.  I've never yet shared a scrap of food with him so his hope for each new scrap is somewhere between comical and ridiculous, but also a little inspiring.  Ahh if we all only had the endless renewable hope of a poodle.  Teddy's real family will return to Grand Rapids in two more days and we will say goodbye to their lovely home and their most-of-the-time lovely poodle (who, did I mention? doesn't like me! and I'm a little offended about it....dogs *always* like me).  But that's what life is like in my Michigan Summer these days right now.

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