Dinner Is Almost Ready.

Dear Blog,

I have missed you!

(and by blog, I mean, of course, you, dear audience.  for what is a blog if not an audience? )

Summer is officially over as of today for me because I started my new school year.    Though the ending was a long sputtering fit of everyone around me losing more and more freedom and even my own constraints growing at an alarming rate (and without a schedule to fit them into!)!

It's really been the sort of month that demands using exclamation marks.  Even though I generally find them in bad taste.

I'm cooking orzo.  It's Lynn's favorite and Lynn is out shopping for new school color coded clothing for Dress Up Friday which is, apparently, the tradition at her new semi-rural school district.  I love the orzo recipe too.  It's something June P. shared with us forever ago and we haven't eaten with them probably in three years or more.  But we still love the recipe (and them, of course, them more than the recipe, life just has a funny way of making people drift apart).   Though tonight I'm a little afeared that I won't get much orzo because I've been on the bland diet.

Chicken, white bread, white rice, soda crackers, noodles, broth and repeat.

That's all, really.

Coffee? Beer? Wine? Spice? Red Meat? Tomatoes? Green Vegetables? All verboten.

I'd tell you why I'm on a bland diet, but that'd be in even poorer taste.  Yes, really!  Worse than exclamation points!

I promise to write more.  Now that school is going again.

How's the weather where you are?

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