A Very Specific Thing That I Had Forgotten About.

I walked out this morning just before Addison ran across the frosty lawn to the bus as he does at 7:18 on the mornings that I refuse to drive him to school (you don't want your kids to feel TOO special, you know).  And I was immediately overwhelmed by the angle of the morning light, the crisp chill in the air and the magic sparkle of frost dancing across the lawn, the shriveled red leaves of the Japanese Maple spread like an organic and ornate lace over the green grass.

I forgot that the world did this!

(I thought.)

I forgot how much I loved this thing that the world does!

And even as I tried capture it with my shitty cell phone and then transfer it into my laptop and doctor it back to its original beauty with iphoto and upload it to share it with the world -- so that we could together remember that the world does this particular beautiful thing to us every once in a while?  I knew that all this labor of love and representation and archival curation could never match the sharp intake of breath and the surprise to return to a moment so simple and beautiful.


Ang said...

Your "labor of love and representation and archival curation"....and poetry and human delight in the world...makes me really happy today....just to know that you were surprised and delighted by the world for a moment this morning. Even if I am the only one in the world that found this post (highly unlikely), my delight in it.... was great enough to be worth all the work you did to archive it. A little selfish, maybe...but the thought makes me feel kinda special. Love you.

I'd like to walk outside with you and Addison....and be captured by the beauty of crunchy frosty leaves. It's probably happened before...in the leaves somewhere, or maybe taking those first cold steps until we were knee deep into crashing Lake Mi waves, or stepping softly under cedar trees up north.

Redbaerd said...

How is it that we have such thin skin? And how did our hearts get located so close to that skin? And this fact: that the two of us, hundreds of miles apart, too far away from each other's everyday lives -- can share these kinds of experiences with the kind of confidence of love and history and feeling that we do? Well. That's wonderful.

And thanks for your nice phone message. It made me feel loved.