42 Favorite Photographs of 2012

the pond in the woodsOur Back Yard.First Year of Middle SchoolGoodbye Ruby Saphireoncoming sunlightUpper East Side Pasta
The Rough & Tumbleglorious renkert buildingPear Blossomsitalos pizzaour dogwoodA Beery Swirl.
Riffing on Pasta PuttanescaRhoda & MonicaIMG_0149On the Waalkes Patio.Raw Meatballs, Golden Light.Lynn at the beach.
Christopher at the party.Moriah at the party.Christina at Craig's Mad Men Partyjoe on the phonecousinslighthouse
I spent most of this year being 42 years old. So I picked 42 photographs that I took throughout the year that captured my fancy in some way. For some of them its traditional photo composition issues, but for others its about emotional meanings -- ways that the light and the framing and the value and the balance surprised my way of thinking about that particular place or person or experience.

(but I'm bad at math...)

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