Alternate Endings (pt 2)

Lynn and I were walking through our neighborhood when I saw all these massive multicolored shriveled up balloons all over the front lawn of one of our neighbor's houses.  I had to get closer before I realized what they were -- deflated Christmas decorations.  A deflated Santa, a deflated Frosty, a deflated Rudolph and a deflated Baby Jesus.

Well I don't know if Baby Jesus has been deflated or not, but the point it that I really can't tell since they're all just sad piles of former happiness scattered across the lawn.

I was feeling bad for the neighbors and their misfortune when Lynn informed me that she had seen them everywhere during her runs through the streets of suburbia -- people don't want to pay to inflate these balloons all day so they inflate and light them at night but let them lie dormant and scattered across the lawn all day.  Lynn thinks (and I agree) that it's one part sad and two parts hilarious that they go to the trouble to look festive, but then restrict their Christmas hours for the evening.  All day long their Christmas spirit looks like a spent party of bacchanalian proportions just mussing the lawn for all of the neighbors to see.

Maybe the end of the world will feel very endlike.  Like the inside of everything just dissappates and the husks of all of us just end up lying around like used confetti or evidence of a big party that no one can actually remember.

And then maybe after a certain amount of time WHOOSH.  Everything gets really re-inflated.  Re (if you will) incarnated.  Resurrected.  And while some of the new versions of us will have a vague memory of the end, really we won't have a real sense of what it was like or what the implications for how things continue.

Come to think of it, this could already be happening pretty regularly.  I'll have to think of this one a little more.

But I have to go now.  Soon it will be dark and Christmas will inflate across all the yards between here (the public library) and my house....

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