Adventures While Working Away From the Office.

My guess is that Starbucks corporate hired not one but TWO consulting groups.  One to determine that the best way to ensure that their health standards stay high would be to actually TEACH their employees how to wash their hands.

Every time they go to the bathroom.

Because apparently parents don't teach that anymore?

And because starbucks employees don't easily memorize complex processes with their hands?  Ones that they repeat regularly while on the job?

The second consulting group was charged with designing a solution to the very demanding task of:  What are the most iconic images for the basic steps of the hand-washing process? and (!) What are the most basic single word commands that can be used to clarify these uber simple pictures?

If I worked at that consulting agency I'd put the team who came up with number three on probation.

Team Number Six is all fired.  All of them.

The obvious Single Word Clarifying Clue They Needed?  Toweloffensink.

Sure its German, but the picture will help.

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