Leave for the Day

I have the sense that this sign has been here for a long long time based on the fact that I don't think that this font even exists anymore.  And the way that tape has protected the edges from the smudging that otherwise mars the bottom of the sign.   As for the way that "LEAVE FOR THE DAY" has been ghosted?  Well I think it's marvelous.  I don't work in this office so I've never actually seen someone leave for the day.  But in my mind I imagine that that the employees treat this sign as a gentle benediction.  They raise their forefingers and slowly slide them across the words "leave for the day": a kind of ritual of leave taking.  In my (richly imagined) version of this corporate habit, it's only a happy byproduct that together they've created a kind of aesthetic richness for the sign -- the words "leave for the day" fading like the ghosts of their presence who disappear out this locked door and then fade away in the cars like the fading font on this sign.

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