Sociological Considerations of An Everyday Moment

That's Addison.  My son.  Wasting his youth shooting characters in a video game on the living room couch.  I find this picture sociologically interesting because of how bored he looks.  But this is what he *wants* to do.  This is how he *chooses* to spend his allotted 30 minutes of leisure screentime.

And me?  I'm Andrew.  His father.  I find this post sociologically interesting because in writing it, I'm turning into one of *them* (you know, from the great US vs. THEM battle which so defined us when we were adolescents when we swore we would never become THEM).  Ah the inevitable and regrettable arrival of middle age.

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kayla said...

I think what interests me most is that what stuck out to me in this post is your choice as a parent to allot only 30 minutes of "leisure screentime" to your child, to which my reaction was, "I should write that down for future reference." Ah the inevitable arrival of entering into a new stage of life.