THE PERSISTENT USE OF CAPITALS IN THIS SIGN the way that the commands sort of come at you in rapid succession without punctuation and the double EXCLAMATION ! POINT ! at the end all make better sense if you know that this polite paper command was hanging at a Tae Kwon Do studio.  One can imagine each sentence being read and created like a flurry of wild hand chops and brutal foot kicks.

When one reads polite paper commands in order to interpret the distribution of power and the agency that institutional members have, the access they have, to communication channels (which, arguably, is one of the most interesting and delightful ways to read these signs) one should take into consideration the relationship of the signs formal qualities to the size and power of the organization itself.  In this case, since this TKD studio is run by (as far as I can tell) only two people, I'm assuming that a laminated polite paper sign is about as official and bureaucratically legitimate as a brushed silver black might be at Fortune 100 cubicle central down the street.

I'll admit that I find the positioning (OVER the light switch) to be....well....puzzling.

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