Collecting The World of One's Workplace.

So, admittedly, Jason comes off as slightly weird in this picture. He's not. Trust me. What I think *is* weird? Is that people never take pictures while they're at work. They take pictures while they're on walks. Pictures while they're on vacation. Pictures of sunsets and fields of flowers. But NOT pictures of cooking, cubicles, and vacuuming. It seems to me that they're missing a really important part of the whole point of picture taking.  Right?  Keeping a record of life!  Finding beauty wherever they are!

Jason interrupts me several a times a day to tell me something equally ludicrous and fantastic about rhetorical theory, political discourse, paleo diet trends, nutrition and alternate health and unbelievable unmissable internet memes.  He's a party waiting to happen.  A nice intellectual party that is.  He moved into the office next door this year and my life is better because of his interruptions.

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