Into the Sunset

There is a popular trope in America about not being able to ever truly "go home."  I never lived in a house for more than seven years from the age of nine until the age of thirty-seven.  I have now lived in a state and a town far from family or roots.  And despite this rootlessness,  I have now lived here for longer than I ever have before.  No one I know lives in any of the houses I grew up in.  And there are all sorts of ways that my growing-up years were full of exclusion and feeling like an outsider.  So this trope makes a lot of sense to me.

I drove for seven hours to take my kids to the town where my parents and siblings and grandparents now live and nearing the end of the trip I snapped this photo.  There were a couple of significant ways in which this trip marked the end of some of my homelessness and the light flare in the camera lens maybe signalled a new sense of home that could grow?  Driving into the sunset implies a kind of happily ever after?  And a sense of journey, growth and "onward!"ness?  What does this sunset mean for me?

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