Slightly Better

While in Michigan, Addison remembered his passion for bowling.  As soon as he was back, he wanted to schedule as much time as possible in the lanes.  We tried to remind him of his other obsessions: ones that would demand less coordination, travel, cost and bad shoes: You should play with your hamster, you should organize your baseball cards, you should practice your yoyo tricks, you should add a video to your youtube channel, you should learn some new tek-dek tricks, itsn't it warm enough to skateboard, you haven't made any bread for awhile.

It didn't work.  Lynn took he and Jae for a bowl on Thursday (their spring break) but he was still ready for another outing by Friday night.  While Lynn and Jaelyn went shoe shopping with Jae's birthday money, Addison and I happily stumbled upon the best bowling alley in town: Embassy Lanes.  It's so lo-fi that they don't project the scores up above the lanes, you have to use a half-pencil to do it by hand.  The collection of balls is limited and you never really find one that fits your hand and feels like the right weight, the decor and equipment are all gloriously celebratory of the early sixties when they were first installed.  We bowled three games.  And when I said good night to him -- at the close of a day when he had threatened to run away or never speak to me again or maybe never unlock his bedroom door, he said: "thanks dad, I had a lot of fun."

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