Working on the Doc

I'm working on another short documentary project right now.  I've been working on it -- in earnest for almost a year.  I've been gestating it?  For at least five.  This dyptic of photos I snapped while working early Tuesday morning.  On days that I devote at least an hour to my creative projects?  I'm a better human being.  Happier.  Last tightly wound.  More engaged with the world.  More Content.

So you'd think that I'd easily always do it, right?  Somehow it's still hard to make sure that it happens day after day after day.  But today was one of the good ones.  It worked so well that I went over (the hour limit) by 30 minutes!  But who's counting anyway!?  (my employer, my students, my children....and on....)

Stay tuned anyway.  More to come on this doc.  There are televangelists, rock and roll tours, telephone debt collectors, undiagnosed mental illness, homeschooling, a room made out of green shag carpet and a lime green Dodge Aries.

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