10 Years

Today is my blogaversery.

I'm not sure if that's a real thing, but I know that blogging has been pretty real for me.

I'm sick.  Coughing, sniffing, running.  Feeling run down by life and work and middle age.

But I am not too sick to celebrate one of the most lifegiving things that has happened to my 43 years -- writing in public, here on my blog.  I have made friends through this blog, stayed in touch with my family through this blog.  Processed things that I didn't want to face, wondered about things that I wanted to face.  Shared the mundane parts of being human and understood myself and you a lot better.

Through the years, there's been quite a few.  The backburner was the real first one.  I sound earnest, young, faithful and super super sincere when I read it now.  I loved the exercises I've had in curating collections too on various blogs -- curating a year of short daily posts, curating years of looking out a crappy window in a terrible building at a tiny yard, curating responses and celebrations to many of the movies I watched -- and then more of the movies I've watched, keeping track of the ways my children grew and now, a new year of keeping pictures.

This blog, the inbetween, is by far the longest and deepest of the many.  And the questions that framed its inception are still standing, large questions that seem to be defining my self and my life.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blogaversary!

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