Nobody smiles all the Time.

These pictures were taken all throughout the day.  Jaelyn and I waited in the car at her bus stop because it was still so incredibly cold in the morning.  I was driving home by myself from therapy and crying and feeling all kind of big feelings and I remembered that I *believed* in taking pictures at non-picturesque moments.  The snap of Lynn and Addison with a corner of late afternoon, early evening light happened while I pulled together a late dinner.

The funny thing is that Lynn has (as long as I've known her) disliked having her picture taken.  That's balanced with her love for memory and remembering.  Jaelyn newly dislikes having her picture taken.  This troubles me very much, because she's always been so free, happy and confident with her smiles, that I fear the cultural forces that plague so many adolescent girls may be starting to make her second guess that confidence.  So the inkling of a smile playing in the car this morning, across from me seemed doubly a gift within that framework.

I don't know if its cheating to choose a tryptic and call it "A Picture A Day" -- but I like the multivocality it offers.

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