Even Though I'm Not A Fan of the Genre of Motivational Speakers? I've Been Giving Myself This Pep Talk Quite A Bit.

Dear Self In The Future, 

I hate these days.  Such Shitty Days.  So full of despair and hopelessness.  

I know.  One Hundred of Your Facebook Friends would prefer that you not use that word.  

Well, I have to be honest with you? I’m not going to answer your concerns, because you’re really actually the problem here. 

So self in the future, this letter is NOT FOR THEM.  They are the wrong people to be listening to.

At first we all listened to them.  The wrong people, the reasonable people because, well, they’re reasonable.  Money, Power, Authority: you should listen to them, right?  They’ve been in charge of everything so far.  School.  Church.  Traffic.  Electricity.  Television Programming.  They’re very subtle, too, in the ways that they make their point.  They obscure the real point that they’re making behind a lot of other shit:  Times tables, the scientific method, salvation, heaven, orderly progress, comfort, fairness.  But ultimately those messages are just the frosting on the very hidden piece of “cake”.  Their “cake” is one word: 


Dear self in the future, I know what you’re thinking right now.  Today is a shitty enough day to just say: Okay.  I give in.  I don’t have the energy to refuse any more.  Why am I bothering?  I’m giving in.  I’m going to conform.  

And Dear Self in the Future, that’s why I am writing this letter.  Stop it.  you’ve already given in plenty of times.  You got everything they had to give: times tables, the scientific method, salvation, heaven orderly progress, comfort and fairness.  You got it all by conforming.  It’s time to NOT conform.  Do Not Eat Their Cake. 

Today is the day to be Fierce. 

Be Fierce.  


And if you don’t have the capacity to be fierce today?  I want you to go take a nap.  Right now.  Go Take A Nap.  Sleep all night.  Have a good swim tomorrow morning.  And after you’ve had coffee and breathed in a quiet room while you look out the window, you’ll be ready.  

Don’t eat their cake.  

Be Fierce?

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