oncoming sunlight

It's a relatively recent innovation in my life (five years? maybe seven?) that I've been taking pictures in the car as I drive.

I think that this is a signifier of may things:

- that driving is an all too pervasive part of our culture?
- that driving is one of the few moments when we can just sink into aesthetic reverie?
- that the cultural revolutions of -- phones we carry, cameras in phones, photos that emit immediately from device to publication -- have, in profound ways re-constituted the possibility of living everyday lives that are braided with aesthetic endeavor?
- that I am obsessed with collecting the world in all it's immediate splendor and profound mundaneness?

But this particular photo, I chose, months and months ago, as one of my favorites from last year.  I typically choose photos based both on their formal qualities and their prima facie meanings, but as I look at this photo now, I have no idea where or when I took it.

What I do know looking at it -- is that I was going somewhere and that that has become a very frequent dimension of my middle aged life.  And then, that later, as I was looking through my endless captures of trivial moments?  I noticed how everything radiates from the sun in the picture...the wires, the truck, the double yellow line.

Driving into the sun is a terrible experience for a driver, but apparently yields poetically pleasing effects....

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alyssa said...

Okay--so, on the day that you posted this, 9/29/13, I myself had just lamented about the experience of driving headfirst into the sun on my way to the Breaking Bad finale. I definitely reveled in the beauty of the sun, the weather in general, and how the light seemed to be interacting perfectly with all of my surroundings. But I didn't snap any pictures because I was blinded and driving in Philly traffic which is just awful all the time and I didn't want to die (but I did really mourn those untaken photos).