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I have a goal this year that I want to make a movie.  I actually have a short documentary halfway finished and maybe I'm going to just finally finish it.  It's a project that has been gestating for almost ten years and I'd love to give birth to it.  But I have this other project that has grown up in the meantime. This project is a feature film that I'm pretty excited about.

I finished a draft of the script during Christmas Break, and the truth is I want every week of the year to feel tethered in some way to the project, whether or not the project is going work or not.  I'm not letting myself give into the kinds of worry and doubt that threaten any artistic project whose scale is ambitious.  I'm going to keep going forward to this project until:

A.)  I shoot it, edit it, ship it to festivals and find some distribution.


B.) realize on the journey of pre-production that I can't make it work at this time in my life.

But I would prefer "A.)" please.

So I'm going to blog here (since most of my readers are generally friends invested in my life journey) about this particular bend in the road.

I went scouting last week on a lark because I couldn't find the time or the energy to sit down and really push those revisions into reality.  I thought for sure that I would find my perfect neighborhood on 16th Street or 17th Street.  Canton is the kind of city where income level and class stratification generally can be mapped in gradients that get gradually darker or lighter as you move North and South up and down Cleveland Avenue.

I almost gave up after a few streets and alleys of not finding what I was looking for.  Then I found the street above.  It's really perfect.

So if you recognize those houses?  If you're the president of this neighborhood association?  You're my new Most Favored Person.  Please call.  Soon.  I have a pitch for you.

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