The Sister Selfie

I am lucky enough to have the kind of sister that I would prefer to be with.  I have heard that there are people who feel that family is an obligation or a burden or even just a social fact with no real interior meaning.  All of these perspectives seem ludicrous to me in light of my sister and our friendship.  We perceive the world in such similar ways; we long for such similar things; we laugh at all the same things -- ridiculous juxtapositions and inappropriate mishaps; we both care far too much (about too many things).  
So these periodic double-selfies we take when we're together are referential of what they seem to be: fun, happiness, light-heartedness, biological and sociological similarities.  But they're also more than that.  They are a record of the happiness and meaning that a family can contain.   That's a dream that we all have been enamored by, been disappointed by, but, in this case:  happily embrace.

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