That Moment When...

photo & caption by the great artist Alyssa Pearson

After filming a party scene that turned into an actual party, I walked home at dawn and felt the sadness that always accompanies an ending. We've wrapped principal photography. It's been an amazing experience, and I feel myself missing it already. - Alyssa


So I've never done this -- but this blog post is me repurposing Alyssa's ideas to say something that resonated with me.  Never done this ON MY BLOG.  I do this all the time in real life.   To be fair, I wrote this all as a comment on her timeline on some social media outlet somewhere, but that doesn't mean I can't publish it here, does it?  I mean these feelings that she's describing couldn't POSSIBLY be more "inbetween" so -- these were my comments:

When I first read this post I "liked" it because that FEELING. You described it so beautifully. And I felt it so viscerally when I read your micro-story (facebook calls it a "status update -- puh.leeze.). But now, later, when I read it again and look at the picture I realize how much the picture does really make the story work even more. How much the picture is part of the visual storytelling. At least in my experience of this picture, it's dawn and you've spent another long night shoot and the sun is coming up as you're coming down. Such a delicious emotional contradiction. Not unlike the emotional contradiction of Finishing Something and feeling the sadness of finishing all bound together of Finishing Something (!). Also. There are branches and telephone wires and streetlights in the distance. Favorite Visual Tropes, All. And a big corporate building? A factory? Which has no business having it's lights on already which probably means? Something fishy is going on there. Murder, probably. So yeah. I really liked this post.

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