Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my Grandma Marge's birthday. This is the first time that her birthday has come since I have been on earth and she has not been here to celebrate it. Since she left this past spring I have been doing a lot of thinking about her life. It's much easier to think about a persons life as a whole after they finished living. I have no idea what my life is about. But I now know (in ways that I never understood while she was living) what my Grandma Marge's life was about. She was most fully herself when she slipped to a piano and played Big Band Songs, old hymns and the American Songbook. Her inimitable style fit so seamlessly in any room that it was almost invisible. But the opposite is true too: her music changed the room. People became more comfortable, more themselves, happier -- when she was playing. This is just an anecdote, a theme, but it is also an apt metaphor for who she was. What she added to the world. What she added to my life. Happy Birthday, Grandma. #grandma #piano #birthday #oldpic
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