America is Changing.

Some of you have been keeping track of the story of my sign obsession.

So maybe you will appreciate how much I loved the sign in this photograph.  I will talk about it more later.  Probably.

But I've decided to post it on instagram tonight because I love the tree that is in the picture.  And I think I am starting to learn that the journey that we take to find the thing we love will give us the thing we need.  The thing we started pursuing?  That's not going to get us anywhere, but the thing we find?  It will be abundantly above all that we ask or think.

And that's kind of how I feel about this tree, and this light and the shadow and my failure to capture what's actually happening in this sign on Applegrove.

Feel free to drive past it and see if you feel as strongly as I do that this is an important sign to pay attention to.  This is a (as we used to say in our dispensational, rapture-hoping fervor)  a "sign of the times."

Do you see what I see?

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