The house across the street

Pisces are dreamers.  That's part of who we are.  So I'm not going to apologize for the fact that I spent an unreasonable amount of my younger years looking out windows at other people's lives and imagining what particular meanings and processes and ideals were animating their everyday existence.  When we would visit my grandparents house at 612 Washington Way, Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I would sometimes sit at the massive window in the front of the house.

There was a Lutheran Church right across the street, the parsonage (whose sillouhette you can see in this photograph) next door to the church and beyond a voluptuous water tower marked SOO and a care center for the elderly.  Even farther in the distance was Lake Superior State University, but that never fell into my field of imagination:  who could *imagine* anything interesting having to do with a University, after all?

Churches, parsonages, watertowers and care centers?  Those were a different story.  Those were imagination-inducing structures.   Because I had spent a number of my early years living in a parsonage right next to the Baptist Church, and because this particular parsonage on Washington Way was significantly bigger than all the rest of the houses in the neighborhood, and the idea of a minister who was not poor, but was, instead more well off than his congregation (or at least his neighborhood) was incomprehensible to me.

I didn't think that poverty was an unfortunate state to live in.  It seemed like a social fact that had been sufficiently romantacized for me in enough novels and in my Grandmother's stories, and  compensated by a few aspects of my life that were unusually decadent (yearly visits to our family cabin), that I accepted it as a social fact.  But it just made that curiousity and mystery about THAT parson and THAT parsonage linger in my social imagination.

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alyssa said...

I love this image so so much. I love windows and I love rich color and I love the juxtaposition of organic nature and structured mankind all bathed in warm, amber light.

Redbaerd said...

THANK you, Alyssa. What's exciting to note is that this is just part one in another serial arc yet to be revealed.

There will be layers.