Common Interests

Here's my letter to my representative.  Have you sent yours?

Hi Senator Portman,

I'm a great believer in public schools.  I believe that they are one of the last few contexts were Americans have a common vested interest and an active deliberative democracy.  I believe that strengthening and protecting this vital American interest is one of the greatest commitments to infrastructure that we as Americans can make.

I am an active parent of an 11th grader in my local public school, and I care deeply about the ability of school districts to continue to provide an excellent education to all students, regardless of any obstacles or privileges that have defined their lives in other ways.

I also want to say that I am not opposed to private education nor charter schools.  I want those options to exist alongside public schools.  I have a second child, a tenth grader, who attends a private school.

Appointing Betsy DeVos is, without question, a vote AGAINST Public Education.  She has few qualifications, very little understanding of and has been devoted to undermining pubilc education with the models of privatized education that she has prioritized and continues to prioritize.  We need a vocal advocate who is committed to the civic virtues that Public Schools create in our country in this role.

Please oppose her appointment to this important role in our government.