Before / After

Two weeks ago Addison once again shaved off his iconic 'fro.  I could tell he felt a little panicked about it on the way to the barbershop.  The fierceness of his hand holding mine indicated his ambivalence.

As we left camp this summer 15 - 20 campers, counselors, cooks & teenage girls called out to him as he left:  (alternately) Bye, Addison!  (and) Bye, Corbin!

(his fro and his easy going, friendly jock vibe linking him quickly to pop culture icon, High School Musical star Corbin Blue)

Within one week at his new school I heard people shouting from the bus windows at dismissal: Bye Corbin!

It's hard to part with such iconicity.  And I wondered if he worried that more than iconicity would be lost?   Hair and its association with magical powers has a long mythical connection....I wouldn't blame him.

Turned out, though, we found an old school Barbershop downtown.  I was the lone white dude there, and Addison enjoyed the banter, the storytelling, the music and the talented cutting we watched and experienced.

And he loved the new cut.