I like to promise new blog series, but I always have a hard time following through. I've just passed through a really really hectic time period so maybe? Maybe I'll have time to blog? Maybe I'll make time for blogging? So this blog series could be called: FINALLY I HAVE TIME TO BLOG. Or, another reason I'm motivated to blog? Is because midterm grades are due, and I have TONS of grading to do. So: obviously? i should blog. This blog series already has a name it's called THE PROCASTINATION BLOG SERIES. BUT (I know, right? a tri-partite motivation for blogging?) my phone is also dying. Which I couldn't be happier about because my Worser Self is PLANNING on buying an i phone as soon as it dies....but in the meantime, I'm suddenly motivated to move all my photos from my phone to my computer and the web. Because....well, because that's what we do with photos anymore. Publish them? (For good or for ill...) So once I'm moving them all from phone to computer I'm realizing how revelatory they are of three things: (another tripartite schema. I know. It's starting to bore me too.) 1. my hoarders impulse. But I"m not a normal horder who stores stuff. I hoard experience and memory. 2. my archival impulse. I love love love the idea of archives and their counterpart museological display. In another blog series called: ALTERNATIVES IF THIS CAREER DOESN'T WORK OUT? I would definitely place archivist and museologist at the top of my list. 3. my nostalgic impulse. I come by this honestly. I had a wonderful crazy grandmother whose every breath was marked mostly by the sepia tinge that acquired the moment after her next breath occured. She was also a bit of an archivist and museologist and I'm sure I have blogged elsewhere about her DEARLY BELOVED letters were the unquestionable forerunner to my blogging spirit. But here's the plan: This series is also titled: A SCARY LOOK UNDER THE HOOD, because it occurs to me that if I post a picture a day from my cell phone. Some explained, some not? I'll at least have a steady stream of content. And you can rest assured that each of the photos belong without question to one of the aforementioned categories -- if not all three. And who knows? Since it is a "scary look under the hood" (the hood, here referencing the metaphorical noggin of this'ere author) P'r'aps we'll come up with a couple other SERIES TITLES and (solipsistically) revelatory schemas. I guess that's the dramatic question with which I will leave you. Tonight's header picture? The photo that's been on my phone for a long long time: My Sweet Children (and they're sweet because that's how they looked three years ago.). I talked them out of a typical pre-adolescent tiff tonight in order to get them to take a THREE YEAR LATER shot. Which I may or may not post here soon. Observant readers win a prize if they correctly identify promised shot. I've missed you, blog! And you too, readers! And you too, solipsistic blogging voice!

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