Trick or Treat

Michael Jackson and her ninja brother are out prowling the neighborhood with a scary clown, a fifties poodle skirt girl, a cowboy, a power ranger and an NBA player. 

So for the door count here looks like: 

1 pirate, 

3 princesses, 

2 matching ballerina bumblebees 

1 little pink unicorn who, after I said, "go ahead and pick out any two."  Smiled at me and picked THREE.  No wonder her kind are extinct. 

Two hobos, one with rotting flesh, came by while I was typing that.  Their manners were delightful.  "thank you, much." said the rotting flesh hobo.

Peter Pan, A headless Gorilla, A cupcake, Elmo and a slow moving ninja.  We still have an hour and a half to go.

1 comment:

Redbaerd said...

A black cat ballerina (and her mom was my student! years ago! (I'm old.))

And a clownish hippie accompanied by a convincing zombie. (finally, it took awhile for the zombies to arrive...)