Sometimes Feelings From A Long TIme Ago Are Still Relavent.

Youtube just sent me a nice little note to let me know that their robots have detected that I was breaking the law and stealing copyrighted content.  Of course I disagree with them; it is my interpretation of the law that my video falls well within the statutes of Fair Use, but happily the best part was that I watched this little video again which I hadn't seen in many years.

I cut it together....I don't know why....but watching it made me love everybody in it.  And thinking about how much love I had for so many people that are in my life but -- for all kinds of reasons?  -- at a distance.    So all the beauty and brokenness, all the heartbreak and love that I caught in this video in 2006 seemed like a poignant way for me to say (on this blog, a love letter really, precisely to those of you who read (and therefore must love?) but are (in one way or another) far away)...a way for me to say:

I feel the same way!

(sorry the blogs been so silent so long.   maybe I'll "catch up" soon.)

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Ang said...

This is beautiful. And it can't really be years since I've seen that? I think I've dreamed about that shot of Lynn in the hallway in the red dress ever since I saw it the first time. Stunning.

And. I love you.