A Million Possible Trajectories

This is my playful logo for the documentary I'm working on.  I've had this other title for a while,  but during the work, I suddenly decided that this is a perfect title.  So instead of working on the documentary more right then?  What did I do?  I made a logo.

Have I already pitched it to you?  It's a story about the American Dream, undiagnosed mental illness, televangelists and fatherhood.

Right now its a micro-documentary that I'd like to shoot and finish this summer.  I wouldn't mind if it ended up as a longer kind of story.  It's a story told by my friend Mark McGuire who is one of the best storytellers once you get him going.

But the wrong number I'm actually referring to is not the film.

I'm referring to the fact that I can't really keep up this picture a day for a year, if I'm ALSO waxing eloquent (or just longwindedly) about the pictures and where they take me.  So.....

I'm NOT abandoning the idea, and occasionally you'll still see a pic a day here on the inbetween, but if you're really interested in the pic a day project -- you'll need to go over to its OWN blog and join or subscribe or check it out.

That's the plan for now.

Lynn was telling me about a meeting that included a rabbit trail this week (imagine) and she said, helpfully, to the rabbit trailer:  "Could be put this up in the parking lot?"  And I found out that in all of her meetings, she makes a "parking lot" on the board and anyone who says anything not on task, gets parked in the parking lot.  Everything in the parking lot, of course, gets dealt with one way or another later....

I realized that the blog is like that for me.  It's a place where I park ideas that I hope will grow into the best things ever, and I also park ideas her that I wish could grow into the best thing ever, but I know that they will not.  Really, every LABEL at the end of a post is a non-profit I'd like to found, a religion I think about starting or a magazine that I'd really like to publish.

My original blog THE BACK BURNER was explicit about this mission -- but this blog has sometimes forgotten what a healthy idea that is for me.  So I'm embracing it again.

BTW, my blog birthday -- a BIG blog birthday is coming up in a few days.  Do you have a present ready?

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