Well we here at the inbetween love it when a longtime listener like Alyssa Pearson, joins in the merriment of Polite Paper Commands.

And this one is a doozy.
(Is that word "doozy" real?  A regionalism?  A family-ism?)

Some of you know that I myself love...



If you know about the Pop Psychological Meyers Briggs instrument for procuring better mutual understanding between groups of people, then you'll understand what I say when I say that when it comes to T vs. P -- I am ALL "P".

And my fetish for ellipses, I think, illustrates that persistent ambivalence.

This sign, on the other hand, doesn't really use ellipses in that way.  I think that the author of this sign is a strong "J" and for them, the ellipses is kind of functioning more like a fermata (the musical sign) suggesting that when reading it you should actually vocally extend the "EA" in the middle of the second "please."

I also like (very much) Alyssa's reading which conjectured the gasping dying desperation of an author possibly having a heart attack or a stroke.  Hopefully, either one of which, might provide sufficient motivation for the reader to indeed use the Garbage.

Thank you (Alyssa) very much.

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