So a University President at a Christian University wrote a blog post last week. He titled it: "This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!"

He told a story about how a student approached him to "complain" about a sermon. Dr. Piper does not tell us what he said to the student in private, but his public response was essentially: Stop being selfish and entitled and a victim and narcissistic.

The Today Show apparently felt inspired by President Piper's vitriol and linked his frustration with a larger cultural backlash against "political correctness" in a story they developed which led with the provocative headline on his blog. The Today Show reporter suggested that this growing political correctness was exactly the same thing: whining entitlement by young narcissistic people who were protesting systemic racism on the University of Missouri's campus.

President Piper's narrative was particularly protective about Preachers. Good preaching, he stressed, has as it's aim: Guilt. Confession. Confrontation. He talked about how a good altar call might result in ALL of these things as it would certainly result in the character transformation in students who humbly submit to this style of discourse (not, presumably, for those who choose to dissent).

In the TODAY story, Cary Sanders of NBC news reveals another group whose well being is threatened by this whining entitled politically correct hysterical mob: Professional Billionaire Comedians. Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Bill Maher are also boycotting college campus because of America's Youth just don't know how to take a joke.

All I can say is:

Thank goodness adults are finally starting to speak out against young people who are whining and babyish. There are so many instances in the recent past when young people have been whining about inequitable systems, and mainstream speech that silences minorities…

And somehow those young voices have been valorized as being the kind of dissent that promote democracy! What?! It's about time that the grownups hit back... and call this whining what it is.

Furthermore, I had no idea about this under-represented group that the Today "news" story brought to my attention: millionaire comedians, preachers with big platforms, and university presidents. Someone needs to protect these minority populations from whining brats who undermine their platform, power, and voice.

I'm thinking of starting a kickstarter campaign called: Save the Comedians! And the Preachers!

Or is there a way that I could condense those two groups and just refer to them with some single symbol of their vulnerable disenfranchisement? (Suggestions in the comments?)

(Please? Someone tell me this is actually The Onion - not Today)

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