Pay attention to what's behind you.

I've always been drawn to the background in pictures.  What's happening behind the pose?  What evidence has been left lying around in public, just waiting to be discovered and understood?  And then - once we see what's really there, what we've been ignoring - maybe that will be the key to understanding everything else.

I've always loved the films The Conversation and Blow Up partly because they imagine stories structured along this logic.  And they also shake their narrative heads at my hopefulness.  I'm always looking for the golden key that unlocks all the doors to all the secrets and the probability is that there is no unlocking and maybe nothing behind the doors anyway.

So far though,  the seeking keeps up turning interesting bits of information.  What are the bright baubbles spilling off of that front porch as I drive by?  I certainly didn't notice anything interesting at that moment.  And yet there is something there.  All the Loch Ness blurs and the hazy Sasquatch keep taunting us, but that's not a reason to stop looking.  The search must continue.

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